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Accounting Software’s for small Businesses

Accounting software’s have become essential in today’s virtual global world; It is a fundamental part of running and controlling a successful Business. Business owners needs to focus more on core business and target customers rather than spending time on accounting and bookkeeping, but in the same time need to have a health business financially to be able to grow and sustain.

The main responsibility of any business owner is to make their business profitable by increasing customer base, improving their products and services, which ultimately allow them to expand their business activity and increase market share, and that’s where accounting software’s comes in; making life easier for business owners when it comes to financial planning, cost cutting, preparing financial reports and filing taxes while looking at revenue growth. Below is some of many benefits of using accounting software’s in today’s successful business:

Efficiency, Reliability and Simplicity

Most Business owners do not have an accounting background to be able to manage books or ensure accuracy and control in their Finance department; accounting software’s is easy to use and user friendly in the same time which helps business owners to control their accounts and financial position without all the hustle of going through books and general ledgers.

Preparing accurate Financial and Management Reports

Most Accounting software’s have built-in reporting features which is user friendly and detailed oriented; which basically helps Business owners to make accurate and critical decisions on a daily basis; as options and accuracy is tremendous while you don’t need to have any financial background to understand and use the same. There are reports and graphs which show business owners where the business is going, with accurate budgeting control and forecasts which can be taken in a simple click; saving time, headcounts, efforts and ensuring accuracy.

Managing Cashflows

One of the most critical issues which a business might face is cashflows deficiency, it sometimes results in taking a firm out of business or even declaring bankruptcy in many cases. Accounting software’s have tools to always maintain a positive cashflow as well as forecasting all future cashflows to ensure all outflows is paid in time and all inflows is received and available to be reused in business as needed.

Cost Reduction

In general using an accounting Software reduces the time spend on managing accounts and bookkeeping which ultimately leads to a huge reduction in head counts and the need for accountants or finance managers needed in a company, as generally speaking there is some software’s in todays business world which literally can do everything required; with minimal supervision of one person controlling the system while focusing on financial planning, MIS and productivity.

At the same time having an accounting software helps analyzing expenses which makes it easier for business to eliminate unnecessary cost which business can survive without.

Digital Invoices and Tax (VAT) filing

Accounting software’s helps business in controlling invoices and ensure customer payments and reconciliation as simply an automated invoice can be sent to a customer were by a click payment can be done and received in the business bank account.

While filling VAT government taxes is very critical for a business to ensure not having a huge penalty, such accounting software’s makes it very simple and accurate to file VAT in a second as all inflows and outflows invoices is recorded and most systems nowadays is VAT compatible which just need to be programmed in a certain manner to do the job automatically after a small authorization to eliminate any risk.

There are many benefits of having an accounting software’s for your business as above, but in the same time there are few disadvantages which comes with any automation like technical issues, potential frauds and incorrect information to name some; which I believe can be overcome when choosing the correct software, ensuring migration and installation were done accurately, redesigning the software to suit your business nature and many other majors to be considered, which can be ensured by hiring a professional consultant specialized in Accounting and Finance.

For more information or further clarification please feel free to contact us.

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