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Companies Liquidation and Bankruptcy

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Companies Liquidation and Bankruptcy

Building a business have some challenges so do dissolving it or declaring bankruptcy, you require a professional and legal advice to do it on the right way and avoid huge fines, we drive you through the process working closely with agencies & regulators' based on laws and regulations awareness, being detailed oriented and dealing with the best legal advisors.

Before starting with any of the liquidation processes a company should ensure that all debts are settled and getting clearance letter from any debt’s obligations from any Government authorities or Banks to be able to start the process.

While you must cancel your business licenses timely regardless whatever type of business you are running to avoid any penalties and fines; and it have to be submitted to all related permits associated with it to avoid any complications. That is where our experienced PRO’s services come.

Some of our Liquidation and bankruptcy Services are:

  • Developing a liquidation or bankruptcy plan.

  • Preparing all necessary legal documents.

  • Submission of applications to all government authorities.

  • Company board resolution.

  • Company valuation and insolvency.

  • Arranging clearness’ letters.

  • Closing banks accounts

  • Visa cancellations.

  • Cancellation of trade licenses.



  • Simplifying the process.

  • Saving Time.

  • Avoiding penalties and delays fines.

  • Avoiding and clearing court cases.

  • Clearness and legality.

  • Access to our legal experts and PR’s.

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