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Family Offices and UHNW Advisory

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Family Offices and UHNW Advisory

Effective family and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Individuals Offices services and wealth management involves many ranges and not only business aims, beside that there is financial control, philanthropical planning, family, and individual goals; and much more. Most of the high net worth big family businesses these days aims or consider establishing a family office to manage their many Investments, Assets, Estates, stocks, and many other financial responsibilities.

We provide Business and financial services tailor made to Family offices and UHNW advisory; working day by day with the board and individuals in all aspects starting from the formation, support, Business Plan, assigning targets and strategy, wealth and cash management, Investments, Estate and Assets management planning, Financing, Budgeting and reporting,  legal and taxes advisory, cross generation succession plan and so on.


Some of our CFO Services are:

  • Family office establishing and designing.

  • Charitable planning and private foundation.

  • Laws, Governors, and structure.

  • Family personal goals and objectives.

  • Management and organization structures.

  • Investments management.

  • Full Operations and day to day management.

  • Assets and rea estate management.

  • Succession plans and business education.

  • Public Image and reputation.

  • Marketing and communication.

  • Finance, Admin and HR Management.




  • Wealth protection and growth.

  • Risk management and control.

  • Succession planning, Education, and mentoring.

  • Assets & Investments management.

  • Interests alignments.

  • Experienced professional management for best results.

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