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CFO service

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CFO service

Running a healthy business have its own complications; but it can be easily controlled if it was done right, that’s where specialization comes in place; when every professional does what they know best in their own areas of expertise miracles could happen if we have the correct fit in the correct place; and that eventually allows the business owners to focus on the core business for better results.

Business often requires a senior Financial advisory to manage and enhance profitability and cash flow effectively to boost companies growth, but keeping a high rank employee on the payroll would not be the best option for a startup and an SME when starting a business or to compete in such a dynamic changeable market place.

HAB Consultants offers a great option of providing the best available CFO’s in the market which is all CA and with 10+ experience in Finance and Accounting field which would save the hustle and cost for a sustainable growth.  



Some of our CFO Services are:

  • Analyzing, approving and improving Financial Reports.

  • Evaluating and enhancing MIS Reports and information system.

  • Assets and Vendor Management.

  • Supporting and advising management decision making.

  • Cash flow and Treasury management.

  • Investments, valuation, and M&A business support.

  • Strategic planning, Budgeting and expenditure control.

  • Any other finance department roles



  • Cost saving and efficiency for smaller businesses.

  • Allows for internal Growth.

  • Improved Cash management.

  • Improved MIS systems and reporting.

  • Gives unbiased advice.

  • Clear focus and peace of mind.

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