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Business setup services have become very popular in Dubai as many entrepreneurs and small businesses see the potentials and great opportunities that the city have to offer and decides to relocate to Dubai. But to open a company there are many formalities and legal documentation required which could be a big hustle for individuals not familiar with the country and the laws in here. That’s where we jump in being experts in local laws, requirements and regulations having on board trust worthy PRO’s which have been working in PRO services for more than 20 years; being well connected and familiar with any formalities they can make the process hustle free and simple, we offer our services for a fastest, simple and easier way to 


Set up your business with HAB;

we provide a great range of services assisting in ;

We offer our services in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman .


Some of our Business Setup Services are:

  • Company formation/Registrations Mainland and Free zone.

  • Offshore Company formation and branches setup.

  • PRO Service.

  • Visas assistance.

  • Small spaces & Virtual Offices.

  • Reliable local sponsorship

  • Opening Bank Accounts

  • Legal advice

  • Trademark registration.

  • Oversees virtual dealing.

  • And everything required to get you started and launch your business.




  • 100% ownership.

  • Hustle free and oversees dealing.

  • Save time & Start your business immediately.

  • Avoid any unnecessary penalties and Fines.

  • Free PRO service with all packages.

  • Get the best options from local experts.

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