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Auditing & Assurance

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Auditing & Assurance

Audits provide an independent opinions and assessments of company Financial records, processes, and procedures to assist in improving them and assure its all ethical, accurate and with accordance of regulations, laws, and international accounting standards.

Conducting proper audits regularly can help you manage your financials and accounts in your business, and it can also give you an assurance that business is healthy and going in the right planned direction. Audit is also essential to prevent any type of frauds, thefts and errors which may occur and affect the business financially.

HAB Consultants is your financial business partner to ensure your profits and loss is accurate and everything was recorded correctly in accordance with the world best accounting standards.


Some of our Auditing services we provide are:

- External Audit.

- Internal Audit.

- Due Diligence.

- System Audit.

- Internal Control.

- Policies and Procedures.

- Investigation Audit.



  • Protect internal network.

  • Maintain government compliance.

  • Reduce risk of data breaches.

  • Protect from theft, errors, Measure practices and processes and frauds.

  • Identify strength and weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats.

  • Better planning, Budgeting and Business improvement.

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